Your Carpet Questions Answered Here

Do you install?

Yes. We work with very skilled, trusted, independent installers who we will put you in touch with directly in order to schedule measuring and installation.

Do you deliver?

We do not deliver. As a general rule, the installer picks up the material to be installed.

What is a “second” in carpet?

Most broad loom carpet has a cosmetic blemish. This does not mean the carpet is defective. The degree of imperfection varies from slight to highly visible. We look very closely at every roll of carpet shipped to us in order to be able to price appropriately and describe any imperfections. Customers’ carpet choices are rolled out for full examination.

How do I calculate square yardage?

Multiply the dimensions of your room and divide that number by 9. We price our carpet by the square yard so for example, $9 per square yard = $1 per square foot.

Which carpet fiber is better, nylon or polyester?

They both have different molecular properties which give them advantages and disadvantages. Due to polyester’s properties, it is inherently more stain resistant to water based stains which is most foods and beverages. Nylon’s properties make it hold its shape over time and bounce back more quickly.

Where is broad loom carpet made?

Ninety percent of the entire world’s broadloom carpet is made in Dalton, Georgia. The carpet industry has been one of the great manufacturing success stories in the history of the United States.

Is it possible to special order more of a carpet of my choice?

That is not possible since our selection consists of discontinued styles and/or seconds. Sometimes we will buy hundreds of yards of a particular style or color, but when it’s gone, it’s not possible to re-order.

Do you have carpet for boats and cars?

Yes, we have a large stock of carpet and other materials for the flooring in boats and cars.