Slight Irregulars – Inexpensive Carpeting in Salt Lake City

At The Carpet Barn, we understand that new flooring can be expensive.  In addition to our expanded selection of premium carpeting, we also offer carpet and flooring that includes “slight irregulars” – this offers the bargain shopper a great option and value for flooring needs.

Slight irregulars are not defective.  They are high quality carpet or flooring that contain slight flaws in the fabric, the pattern or dying process.  Often these flaws are not readily noticeable.

Because they are not perfect, manufactures must sell slight irregulars at a significantly discounted price.  This provides an affordable alternative for buyers who want the top quality flooring, but who may not be concerned with slight imperfections, but focused on the highest value for the best price.

Your Home of Affordable Carpet in Utah

Visit our Salt Lake City warehouse today and see our display of slight irregular flooring for your home, RV, screened-in porch, or other flooring needs.   Our sales staff has the experience and knowledge to help you find the right carpet for your needs. 

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