1. Do you install?

Yes, installation is available.

2. How quickly can the carpet be installed from the day I purchase it?

Your carpet can typically be installed within a week of purchase depending on the installer’s schedule.

3. Do you deliver?

Delivery depends on a few variables so best to inquire with our friendly staff at the time of purchase
to determine the delivery options based on the size of your purchase and the destination.

4. Can I special order a particular flooring?

We do not special order. Options to purchase are from our in-stock selection

6. What is a “second” or “off-good” carpet?

Everything manufactured has a blemish; the degree of imperfection varies
from slight to highly visible. All carpet purchases are rolled out so our
customers can see and examine the entire defective area of the carpet.

7. Do you provide financing?

No, we do not provide financing.